Portofino:Rock Think Impossible! book - 


An exciting history of Portofino:Rock Think Impossible! and Dave and Sandy Fankhauser is now available.

Published in 2020 as a memoir, it is a very challenging book to read. The book is about how the Holy Spirit acts miraculously through His willing servants. Walking in the Spirit is in many ways a blind adventure, because the Spirits goals are so different that our typical world’s desires.

You will find many amazing stories of God’s sovereignty over evil; how a prayer ‘graduated’ them from a business they sweat blood to build over a 10 year period; how that miraculous loss changed their lives; what a life in the Spirit in the 21st Century looks like, and how you can apply these practical hope filled spiritual lessons to your life.

The Portofino:Rock Think Impossible! book is a ‘how to’ book about how they experienced practical faith inside the church and outside in the market place of life. Hold onto your hats though. You will never be the same after reading this book.